In the News: Voices of Religious Freedom

We are speaking out on the rights of Catholic American employers and proactively addressing the moral issues of the day that are in conflict with our faith.


2017/08/03 - Cardinal DiNardo, “Why is HHS contraception order still standing? Trump said it ‘would soon be over’” (The Hill) 2017/07/30 - Mark Pattison, “Catholic Group Asks U.S. Government to Drop Appeal in HHS Mandate Case” (Crux Now) 2017/07/27 - PRNewswire, “Catholic Benefits Association Calls on HHS and DOJ To Drop Contraceptive Mandate Appeal Before Court’s July 31 Deadline” MarketWatch (July 27, 2017) 2017/07/27 - The Catholic Benefits Association calls on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Justice Department (DOJ) to make good on the President's promises and drop their contraception mandate appeal. 2017/07/23 - Peter Hasson, “DOJ Lawyers Still Battling Christians Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate (The Daily Caller) 2016/05/11 - Eric Knifin, "The threadbare case against the Little Sisters of the Poor," (Washington Times) 2016/03/21 - L. Martin Nussbaum, “Little Sisters, Big Stakes,” (National Review) 2016/03/11 - William E. Lori, "The Little Sisters of the Poor should win their court case," (Crux) 2015/07/17 - 707 Member Catholic Benefits Association Makes Argument Supporting Little Sisters of the Poor\Before Supreme Court  (CBA / News) 2015/07/16 - Little Sisters Of The Poor Refuse Contraception (Investor's Business Daily) 2015/07/10 - The CBA Solution to the HHS Mandate Accommodation Issue  (CBA / News) 2015/07/09 - Experienced Hospital Executive Named First CEO of Catholic Benefits Association and Catholic Insurance Company (CBA / News) 2015/07/08 - Catholic Benefits Association Granted Temporary Restraining Order Covering 150+ Catholic Employers in Second Lawsuit Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate (CBA / News) 2015/07/05 - A Company Liberals Could Love (NY Times - Ross Duthat) 2015/03/12 - Catholic organizations file lawsuit to prevent contraceptive coverage under Affordable Care Act (NewsOK) 2014/07/05 - Hundreds of Catholic employers win exemption from HHS mandate (EWTN News) 2014/06/10 - Oklahoma Federal Court Enjoins Enforcement of HHS Contraceptive Mandate Against Hundreds of Member Employers of the Catholic Benefits Association (CBA / News) 2014/06/09 - Catholic Benefits Association Wins Reprieve in HHS Lawsuit (National Catholic Register) 2014/03/13 - 200 Catholic Employers Sue Obama Admin Over Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate (LifeNews) 2014/03/13 - Obamacare makes wrong diagnosis (Amarillo Globe-News) 2014/03/12 - New lawsuit challenges Affordable Care Act (KFOR-TV) 2014/03/12 - Group of 200 Catholic employers sues to block HHS mandate (Catholic News Agency) 2014/03/12 - Catholic Benefits Association Files Suit Seeking Relief from HHS Mandate (Christian Newswire) 2012/07/12 - The Catholic Church's Reaction to Healthcare Reform (Fox News Baltimore)